World War Z Part Deux

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So here's the first book of The Koob Club chosen by Matthew, though had it been my choice we probabaly would have ended up reading the same book.
I'd heard some good things about the Zombie Survival Guide also written by Max Brooks but I never did take the plunge so when I heard about World War Z, a story that follows one journalists investigation into a zombie outbreak that spread across the globe and engulfed the planet in a war against the zombie horde, my interest was instantly piqued.

Judging a book by its cover...
This is the UK Paperback cover, one which would attract my attention in a store. The title and the authors name stand out thanks to the choice of font and the layout is designed in a simplistic nature so your attention is on the words and not on a busy background. Simon Pegg says World War Z is 'An Absolute Must Have' so, at least the book has it's support from that guy that was in that zombie movie.
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World War Z

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I had the pleasure (well I gave myself the pleasure..) of picking out the first book for The Koob Club, The first official book for the club is .....World War Z by, Max Brooks! When I first heard about this book I knew I had to check it out, I love zombies, infact I would love nothing more than an actual zombie invasion. The good reviews made me even more excited to read this.

Judging a book by it's cover....
Look at that cover, its beautiful. The most predominant thing on the cover is the letter Z, which I think is pretty cool. I know covers don't mean much to people but I thought it would be a good idea to at-least share whether I liked it or not. And I do, a great cover.

Well, may The Koob Club officially begin now, I am excited. My new years resolution this year was to read more. For most people that would seem like the most lame resolution ever. But it's something I hope to follow through with. I love reading but I just don't do it enough at all. This is the first time where im going to start following through with things I enjoy. So anyway, The Koob is NOW!
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The Koob Club is a book club for a new generation. It was created by two guys as an excuse to read more. We are doing this for our own enjoyment, but if anyone else happens to like it as well you are gladly welcome to be apart of it. The here!

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Current Book:
World War Z by, Max Brooks